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From the expert Average Joe Cyclist, writer of the Electric Bike Blog comes this useful guide to the positioning of water bottles. 

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If Podcasts are your thing, listen to USA E-bike enthusiasts, Duane & Jared, discuss all aspects of choosing, riding, and maintaining an electric bike, and share thoughts on how e-bikes make our lives better.

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Twelve people have died in suspected e-bike and e-scooter blazes since 2020 in the UK.  Read more about what can happen when you choose a 'cheap' battery option. 

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Our top 10 reasons to buy an e-bike

There are definitely more than just 10 reasons but these are the ones you're probably thinking about!

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Our top 10 reasons to buy an e-bikes

  • 1. An ebike can make you fitter Just because you have power assistance doesn’t mean you still don’t have to put some work in when riding an e-bike. The effort required might be lower than on a normal bike, but this can also mean you’ll ride further and faster, resulting in a more enjoyable and varied ride. Cycling has many healthy benefits including:
  • 2. An ebike can help you go further and faster - An electric bike features a motor that is activated when you pedal to help you go further, faster and climb hills. The motor allows you to accelerate quicker than with just pedal power alone, enabling you to ride faster and further. Road legal ebikes have a top speed of 15.5mph so when you reach this speed the motor will no longer be activated, helping to keep you safe on the roads.
  • 3. You’ll need less effort from a standstill - One of the worst things about cycling on the roads is the stopping and starting due to traffic lights, junctions and queuing cars. With an e-bike however you’ll be able to get up to speed quicker from a standstill, making it easier to cycle in busy areas and during peak times.
  • 4. You’ll make light work of hills - If you’re used to cycling a certain route to avoid those hilly areas you can now change up your adventures to include steep climbs thanks to pedal assist. With your speed almost certain to drop as you pedal uphill, the motor will kick in and make it easier and quicker for you to get to the top.
  • 5. It will be easier to commute -  If you have previously been put off commuting to work by bike because of the distance involved then you might change your mind with an e-bike as you’ll have the motor to help you cycle further and faster.Lower body fat percentage
  • 6. You will sweat less - See point 5 - the commute will not only be easier but you’ll arrive at work much less of a sweaty mess than you would with a normal bike. This is because you don’t have to put as much effort in to do the same distance on an ebike, making it an attractive alternative to public transport or the costly wear and tear of running a car.Lower stress levels
  • 7. An ebike is cheaper than getting the bus or train - One of the greatest benefits of ebikes is their cost. Compared to running a vehicle or using public transport they are much more cost effective, with low running costs, little maintenance and no tax or insurance required provided your bike is road legal, i.e. it doesn’t go above 15.5mph and the motor is 250 watts or less.
  • 8. It will enable you to explore new places - With a variety of battery options available, it is possible to explore further afield or combine a holiday with an ebike adventure, provided you have somewhere to charge your bike at the end of each day. Being able to go longer distances with the assistance of the motor makes places further from home more accessible, opening up new adventures.
  • 9. An e-bike is great for your mental health - We all know that exercise is great for your mental health but so is being outdoors, combine the two and you’re on to a winner! Studies have shown that cycling can help reduce stress and anxiety, increase happiness and deliver better health benefits than exercising inside at a gym.
  • 10. Ebikes are easy to storeAt the end of the day or cycling adventure you can easily store an ebike in the same way you would a normal bicycle. If you are pushed for space or have to include public transport in your commute you can look for a foldable e-bike, or if you have space to store a normal sized bicycle then this will be perfect for your ebike. Just remember to follow these top tips to keep your ebike safe when charging.

    If you’re not convinced or you want to discuss the benefits of riding an ebike with our experts please call us on 0121 311 0313 or come and visit us in our Sutton Coldfield showroom (near Birmingham in the heart of the West Midlands). 

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